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Young Selmah Kapidzic, age 6 in 2010, lives in Vancouver, British, Columbia, CANADA.  Watch her singing 'Mila Majko Salji Me Na Vodu', "Ah Što Ćemo Ljubav Kriti" i  "Moj Dilbere" on Youtube.  What a talent!

Calling all children! Children up to age 18 are invited to send art of any kind inspired by sevdah. It could be a picture, clay sculpture, costume, textile art, poem, song. Selected art will be posted on the SNA web site. Here are some simple ideas:

  • Listen to sevdah while looking at pictures of Bosnia, and have children draw their own impressions.
  • Have a gathering of family, and have the parents and grandparents share their memories of sevdah, sing, perhaps teach the children a sevdalinka or even an old children's game they used to play, and then have the children draw pictures.
  • Have children's sewing bees where they learn to embroider, knit or weave Bosnian designs. While they are working, put on a recording or have people sing sevdalinke. Send photos of the childrens' embroidery creations to SNA.
  • Take time out of a dance rehearsal to put on some sevdalinke and have children draw.
  • At parties and community events, have a table set up where children can draw pictures inspired by the music they hear.
  • Post the art children create in your own community at a local restaurant, library, town hall, school, etc.


Send your art or photos of your art to SNA (click here for our contact information).

Please include:
* Your name
* Your age
* Address
* Phone number
* Email address
* A brief explanation of your art and what inspired you to create it