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Second Annual Evening of Sevdah presented by SNA, Inc. was held on November 29, 2008 in Seattle, Washington. We will have DVDs from the event available for purchase soon. Until then, you can see the event as recorded by the Seattle Channel and broadcasted in Washington State, by clicking here. For more information about the Evening of Sevdah, visit the official website,


Don't forget to visit SNA YouTube page for videos from past SNA events!

Welcome to Sevdah North America, Inc. (SNA)

Welcome! / DobrodoŇ°li!

Sevdah North America, Inc. (SNA) is an all-volunteer educational organization formed in 2007 to preserve, promote, and document sevdah, the traditional urban music of town centers of old Bosnia and Herzegovina. SNA's events and projects range from small community events to major performances, recordings, and academic conferences. A special effort is made to create inter-generational activities that involve under-served communities and artists, recognizing that sevdah creates a musical bridge between cultures and offers a bottomless well of healing.