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•SNA presented the young talented singer Alma Subasic in three US performances:   Seattle (November 24, 2012), Detroit (December 1, 2012) and Atlanta (December 8, 2012)
•SNA President Mary Sherhart receives the Aspasia Phoutrides Pulakis Award (2012) from Seattle's Ethnic Heritage Center for her work in the Bosnian and other Balkan communities. 
•Spring 2012, SNA board member MIrjana Grill (St Louis) ends her term on the board and we welcome Samir Hadzalic (Chicago).
•Spring 2012, Dino Kujundzic of Alexandria, VA, joins SNA Advisory Council. 
•SNA President Mary Sherhart is made Honorary Member of Bosnian and Herzegovinian American Academy of Arts & Sciences and receives 2012 Pulakis Award from Seattle's Ethnic Heritage Council for her work with with Bosnian communities.
•In late January, 2011, SNA president visited Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia.  The main reason for her visit was to pay respects to the family of the late Mr. Omer Pobric on the first anniversary of his tragic death.  While there, she continued to build relationships between SNA and individuals/organizations involved in the preservation and promotion of sevdah, as well as doing some humanitarian work. In Zagreb she performed with Choir Bulbuli sponsored by Preporod, Cultural Organization for Bosnians Living in Croatia.  Read about her experiences and the generosity of many wonderful people there:
•2012 marks the 5th anniversary of SNA's formation.   
•2011 saw a number of sevdah events at various communites.  Refer to the Community Page. 
•The 2010 "4th annual North American Days of Sevdah" were held in St Louis, Seattle and Charlotte.  Please take a look at the Community Events page for information, as well as search for clips on Youtube.
•In 2010 SNA President Mary Sherhart, in addition to events in Washington State, visited communities in the following States to sing and support community events:  Missouri, California,  Vermont and Oregon.
•Community assistance - SNA President Mary Sherhart assisted Sevdah St Louis to write successful grants for funding to support the first ever St Louis Sevdah Days Festival, as well as an apprentice grant.  Grant writing and production support is a service available from SNA to all communities.  Please contact us if we can help your community.
•Production of the DVD "Dan Sevdaha u Sjevernoj Americi 2008" (North American Day of Sevdah), edited by SNA board member Murat Muratovic.   It is tremendously moving to see in one DVD the many communities celebrating the rich culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina through events which reflect so much commitment, hard work and love - taking children to rehearsals, planning and setting up events, and all the other hard work.  Bravo!  This DVD is available by contacting SNA.
•President Mary Sherhart visited the following cities in 2009 to sing and support community musical and community events:  St Louis, Missouri; Astoria, New York; Boston, Massachusetts; Salt Lake City, Utah; San Francisco, California; Dayton, Ohio; Astoria, Oregon; Windsor, Ontario; and of course her home town of Seattle, Washington.
•SNA went through a successful board transition and continues to build a strong and well managed non-profit organization.